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From: Janet Reed 

Sent: Mon 11/23/09 11:35 AM

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Henry, I don't know how to do a picture, but I will do my testimonial. 
I work for high stress level job which at times, causes me much pain in my back and in my neck.  Before I met Henry, there wasn't a lot I can do.  When I met Henry, he suggested I give his machine a try. It was just amazing on how it relaxed me and took my pain away. This was the first time in years, which I was able to relax and have a really good night sleep.
Now when I feel this tension coming on, I make an appointment to have a treatment done.  This has been great and I don‘t have to live with pain.
My mother, who is 91 years old, fell and dislocated her shoulder, and she was in a lot of pain.  With a couple of treatments, her pain went away and is now doing really well. She can move her shoulder without any pain. This machine is amazing in relieving pain. I recommend everyone to try it that is suffering from pain.

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